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Bridgette Montague || 27 || Waitress At The Writing Nook, Writer, & Heiress|| **Sexuality Up To Player**

Born in Kent to a whimsical musician and a small time actress, it wasn’t the biggest surprise when Bridgette’s parents died in a car crash. Despite being a C-List celebrities their wild behavior frequently landed them in the tabloids. The collision would be blamed on them because they were high beyond belief on a cocktail of drugs and alcohol. Bridgette was so young she had not met any of her family members, though this could have also been due to their behavior, and luckily, when the crash happened, she was with a fellow songstress that was one of her mother’s few reliable friends. It took a couple of weeks before the cops found the four year old girl, Delilah assumed that they were just out on a binge, and upon them finding her they decided Bridgette belonged with family. Relocated to an aunt and uncle, Delilah would be her only true friend and gateway to knowing the goodness of her parents. Growing up she would hardly soon forget the difference between memories of her parents and things about them she’d dreamt up. To put it bluntly, the topic of her parents was completely off limits and one of the only reasons she would ever fight with them, eventually learning to not mention them at all. Despite a very fortunate upbringing in France, where they’d moved when she was eight because her uncle was transferred, Bridgette had become a bit of a trouble maker outside of their home.

Undeterred by her aunt and uncle’s greatest efforts she, like her parents, was a great dreamer. Though she was put through amazing schools, which got her to love reading and writing, she definitely had a knack for making friends with the wrong people. When her aunt and uncle were told they would never have children of their own due to her aunt having a medical condition that prevented her from being able to carry a child they truly turned a corned. Naturally they loved Bridgette with every fiber of their being, but upon this new revelation they made sure that she knew that she was their kid, regardless of who carried her in a belly. Unfortunately, their initial attempts at connecting with her were she saw as them trying to ‘change’ her. When she fell behind in school they paid for tutors. When Bridgette failed an entire year and was expelled they then paid her way into a better school where she would have to take summer classes to catch up. As annoyed about it as she was, she didn’t want to piss them off. However, as soon as the new semester started she weeded out the students who could give her what she wanted: booze, pot, and uppers. Somehow she managed to graduate, probably due to the few times they were caught the others were labeled the ringleaders and received more demerits- some were even expelled.

After her graduation, Bridgette moved back in with her aunt and uncle while she waited to hear from universities. In the time she managed to sort out school and even put her degree in writing to some use as a transcriptionist at her uncle’s firm. After years of doing the same thing over and over but luckily not having to pay rent, she decided to use her money to get out on her own two feet. The job and college had led to her growing up quite a bit. She cleaned up her act, at least the drugs, alcohol, hanging around with bad-eggs aspects of her youth. Still, she enjoyed partying and frequently slipped out or stayed out late, never ceasing to giver her aunt and uncle a moment of peace. To Bridgette, however, getting out on her own meant in a new place starting completely fresh where no one gave her some pitiful look about her dead parents and her aunt and uncle could finally have their moments of peace. After telling them that she was going to be moving to America to pursue her dream of writing novels, only intending to return if it “didn’t work out”- meaning she ran out of money, they dropped a bomb on her. Her parents had left several hundred of millions of dollars for her in their will. This account was massive from the sale of their music, which had sky rocketed upon their deaths, and the sale of their estate in London. All of that money had been wisely put into a bank account by her aunt and uncle; therefore, it had grown substantially ever since and they didn’t want to see it go to drugs, keeping it a secret well after she’d turned a legal age. 

Bridgette used a minuscule amount money to move to Los Angeles, buy a place of her own so that she wouldn’t have mortgage or to pay rent. She was still waiting on her citizenship, a further step to separate herself from her family and past. Since she is currently using a work visa, Bridgette found a job at The Writing Nook, just something part time so that she wouldn’t spend all her money or lock herself away writing. Though she had always been extremely chatty she chooses to keep her wealth under wraps, not telling anyone and keeping out of too-social of scenes. She, unlike her parents, really just wanted people to like her for her, not her money. Having slowly learned a bit more about her parents Bridgette decided to find some friends in the city that would not only keep her out of trouble but keep her from falling into her old addictive habits that mirrored her parent’s destruction. With the hope that this social network can provide her the connections in both her personal and professional life she signed up at her co-worker’s recommendations. While writing remains her main focus, and she certainly has the money to self publish, she knows she might meet someone to help her. If not, she’s hoping to find some normal fun-havers, you know the type of people who prefer Friday Night Karaoke to getting wasted at a club.


FC: Amber Riley
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Michelle Primm || 27 || English Teacher At Olympic Heights Private School || ** Sexuality Up To Player **

Imagine getting everything you ever wanted, just handed to you. That was the like of Michelle. She was Daddy’s little princess and Mommy though her little angel could do no wrong. Michelle was a straight A student, but paid more attention to who was in her classes than what the classes actually were. Boys drooled over her and offered to do her homework all the time. She was never alone on weekends. There was always someone, somewhere who wanted to take Michelle Primm out on a date. But when she graduated, everything changed.

She wanted to study aboard. For her entire university career. Why? She could get her education degree anywhere. It didn’t matter. But Michelle wanted to make a new life for herself. One without her parents or the long line of boys who really just wanted to get into her pants. So, Michelle moved to London and started school in the Fall. That was where she met Jameson Cartwright. He was gorgeous. Tall, blonde-brown hair, and a sexy British accent. Michelle immediately fell for the future Med student, and fell hard. For months, they were inseparable. They shared the same group of friends, did everything together. Jamie spoiled her and she could feel herself falling into the same trap that her parents had done her entire life. She wanted to run. She even tried to break up with Jameson a few times, but she just couldn’t say no to his face. He loved her. And she did love him. 

But one day, she met someone else. He was completely different in comparison to Jameson. And she was so attracted to his boy that she dumped Jameson - told him that she only liked him for his money - and ran off to this other boy instead. They were together until Michelle finished her Education degree. One day, she came home to the apartment that they shared and walked in on him cheating on her with some blonde bimbo - literally. He’d been cheating on her the entire time. With tears in her eyes and her bags packed, Michelle flew back to LA and stayed with her parents until she found a job at a local high school.

She now lives on her own. She’s quite reserved and even a little shy now. She doesn’t want what happened to happen again. Her heart is guarded by a lock, key, safe, vault, and a castle with a moat and alligators. To those who she sees just as friends, she polite, sweet, and generous. But the moment this person shows an interest in her, she shuts down. Literally. She cannot function because the memories of her past catch up to her.


FC: Lauren Cohan
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Azure Jewell || 30 || Audiologist At Holburn Hearing & Speech Facility Of Los Angeles || **Sexuality Up To Player**

Azure was a quiet child, few things made her cry and even fewer things mad her talk. When she cried it usually occurred after a bad fall. Children fall all the time, is what the doctors would say, but after a second broken bone the parents were investigated for neglect or abuse. When she talked it was out of what a child might deem to be a necessity such as; food, a drink, a toy, or to go play. For the longest time her responses were as short as possible; yes, no, play, juice, etc.. With frequent visits to doctors there were several disagreements on why their daughter behaved the way she did and ultimately she was misdiagnosed as Autistic. The diagnosis didn’t stop her from succeeding in school, she was never placed into a separate program, and her parents began to question the diagnosis that had taken far longer than normal to come up with. In an attempt to rule things out on their own they tried to make their daughter more social by placing her into recreational sports. While Azure obviously enjoyed them activities it became evident to her parents that she was far more clumsy then the others and more distant after wards, sometimes even physically ill.

Menieres Disease is rare, develops slowly so it doesn’t always get noticed until a child is older, hardly ever effects both ears, and is almost never found in African-Americans. Still, somehow, this was what Azure would discover she had around the age of ten. For a time she would wear hearing aids, but when she was younger there was little understood about the disease and prevention of the episodes of extreme vertigo that are symptomatic of the disease. Her parents, who were already protective of their shy child, became even more protective. Azure wasn’t allowed to drive until she was living on her own, which wouldn’t happen until after college because her parents uprooted themselves from their home in a small town in Arkansas to Northern Virginia where there was a larger deaf community. Her father was a dentist, easily finding a well paying job, and her mother had a knack for quilting, which she turned into a small business. They were happily settled and made time to make sure Azure never had to worry about a thing, but this ‘under their thumb’ behavior was exactly the reason that she chose to move away upon her graduation.

Like her father, Azure found the medical field interesting, but she wanted to go into a field that interested her personal and she chose to become an Audiologist. With her reserved nature she did extremely well in school and with her top grades she never had an issue getting into competitive programs. All-in-all, it took her six years to become an Doctor of Audiology and she graduated with a guaranteed job. She spent quite some time in Baltimore, still close to home and with a reliable bus system, at her first job, but when her parents began to discuss moving to her she insisted that they could not and that she had a new job lined up and had simply been waiting for the right time to tell them. Though her job at Holburn hadn’t been lined up she had been approached about joining the team. Luckily, she received the job and on a salary that provided more than enough for her to live comfortably, save, prepare for a life of continued hearing loss, and take time of if her disease was giving her a particularly off day. The other nice thing about Los Angeles was this social network.

Fully settled into LA, Azure hopes this site will help her overcome her shyness. Social networking is a large part of the Deaf Community and like any language there are a variety of dialects, so she’s still getting accustomed to the community on the West Coast. Also, because she’s still partially hearing, she fears she’ll never be truly accepted. Her co-worker assured her that wouldn’t be the case and told her she would not feel judged for asking people to speak up, using American Sign Language (ASL), or the tedious and unavoidable problem of her hearing aids’ batteries dying mid conversation from the people she met on the site- regardless of their being hearing or deaf. Her parents remain worried about her, especially now that she’s driving more, but also because statistics show that people with Menieres often have depression to the same level of those with terminal cancer. While Azure has always been quiet she has also been rather optimistic and determined, but those who know her do worry that if she doesn’t make friends she may become depressed and return to Virginia.


FC: Danai Gurira
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Lori Mahoney || 28 || Ranch Hand & Veterinarian Major At UCSD || Straight

Lori Mahoney, daughter to Melissa and Luke Mahoney, never had the greatest childhood. Her mother was addicted to drugs and her dad, well, she never knew him. Lori’s knowledge of her father’s whereabouts were unclear, all she knew was that he’d been put in jail for life when she was six months old for five counts of murder during one of his drunken rages. And while there was a good chance the man was insane, they were never able to prove it. Growing up in San Antonio, Texas; she decided to uproot herself away from anything to do with her parents.

Hitchhiking and trekking across the Western part of the US, she ended up in Phoenix, Arizona where she had almost collapsed from exhaustion from the heat. It wasn’t long until she was discovered, passed out among the sand that a man helped her get to a nearby motel, and that’s when she decided to leave it up to fate to decide her journey. After telling her story to the man named Reid Booker, he instantly offered her a job with him and his family in Santa Barbara as a ranch hand. Lori soon agreed and they were on their way to sunny California.

Often times, Lori felt like she was being raised by the family and eventually she developed a sibling relationship with Reid. She was literally torn between loving and hating him, but over time, the girl definitely grew to love him. There was an amount of appreciation for him that she couldn’t describe. He saved her and for that, she was grateful. Losing touch with her mother, her initial instinct was to find out whether or not she was faring well, considering the last time she saw the older woman, she was high on whatever. It wasn’t until much later that Lori found out her mother had died of an overdose and she was stuck facing the facts that the only family she had now, was the Bookers.

With her father’s death sentence, she accepted this as something bigger and something that she needed time to let go of. For a long while, Lori never got attached to anyone, fearing they might leave suddenly and making her abandonment issues even worse. She was leaving everything she ever had behind and coldly moving forward. But there was some silver lining to the storm clouds that formed over her, and that silver lining’s name was Wildfire. At 17, she discovered her love for horses, especially that single horse that never seemed to leave her side when she came around and she soon felt connected to the world again.

Lori’s work as a ranch hand proved to be a perk while she got her degree in veterinary sciences. Finishing high school, she attended UC San Diego (UCSD) for sometime before dropping out to be a full-time hand at the ranch and caregiver for Wildfire. Following the deaths of her parents , it was something that definitely shook her up, but she was glad to have Reid and that he has her. Now stationed out in Santa Barbara, Lori and Reid work side by side while they go on trying to help the ranch while Lori works on getting her own life started in an attempt to find something new and better for her life.


FC: Olivia Wilde
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Anonymous asked: most wanted females?

These 5 canons either have more than one connection or work at a LOCATION that exiting characters could benefit from having more employees.:

If none of those click with you we can talk off anon about fc change options, bio tweaks (such as identify, age, occupation), or you can go HERE to find a fandom you love and see what faceclaims of them we have up. If it all clicks but you’re concerned about gifs I’d be more than happy to go hunting for you after you’re accepted.

I really recommend picking someone YOU feel connected to as this roleplay is character driven. So look through the opens and locations or if there’s a personality/age/ethnicity/occupation you prefer writing I’d be more than happy to pull some of those out for you too.

I hope to hear from you soon!

bartonhollowrpg asked: We're sorry to say that due to new affiliate rules, we cannot continue our affiliation with your roleplay. We now require our affiliates to be diverse, and have at the very least 30% of their characters be POC. Your roleplay, sadly, did not meet these requirements. However, we do wish you the best of luck with your roleplay, and hope everything goes well!

Don’t apologize to me, seriously, you’re entitled to your opinions and I my own. You’re calling our writing community unwelcoming to diversity and that’s simply untrue. This has been a very sour subject for me personally so I’m going to address this publicly. If any of our other affiliates would like to leave us for something like this then that’s fine in my book because our affiliates will only ever be Roleplays I can see the writers here joining. That means welcoming, to every type of character and writer. A writing community that actually is a community, that means they don’t oppress others for their thoughts.

Let me start with: Despite popular Tumblr opinions, being a “person of color” isn’t about your skin tone. I highly doubt you sat there and went through QUITE LITERALLY all 450 of our written biographies and checked to see the ethnicity of every FC. You went and looked at a person’s face and assumed they were white and ticked us off your affiliates. You’re wrong, I’m a person of color- I’m Hispanic. I’m a 100% Venezuelan that embraces both the culture of my family and the country I was raised in and I’m a polyglot. You would look at me, with my practically straight jet-black hair and my gas-leak-victim white skin, and either call me white or Asian because I “don’t look Hispanic”. Yet, I am, and I have a very very hard time getting tan. However, since I can’t tan (just saying I was famous) if an RP is using me as a FC you’re going to dock of a FC for not using lets say my sister instead of me. My sister has tight curls and dark beautiful mocha skin that will tan if she simply thinks about the sun. People look at her and automatically write her off as black. On a whole different level, diversity is in the eyes of the writer. Look at Saoirse Ronan and the many different countries characters she has portrayed are from, the writer had a facial image or a vocal image of that character in their head and Saoirse brought them to life.

This whole “POC” stuff on Tumblr has been taken to a disgusting extreme. Here at SABR we focus on writing and character development. If a writer wants to write a black actor that was born and raised in America as someone who is escaping the conflicts in Gaza, awesome. If someone feels motivated to write Lily Collins as an Italian transgendered porn-star, fantastic. Writing is about the vision. I will never be so unwelcoming as to say someone can’t apply here because his or her desired FC is too white. We’ve had is all and then some and SABR has been happy and great without being judgmental. So think before you send some message like this to other RPs because being diverse is more than what’s on the outside and it certainly far more important than the actors, actresses, and singer’s lives.

Being diverse is more than skin! Being bi-tri-whatever-racial, it’s all diverse and it’s all beautiful. By putting some ridiculous quota on what you call “diversity” isn’t encouraging anyone to apply. You can’t force writers to pick up someone with dark skin. Sure, you can put up bans, but what does a ban accomplish other than encouraging amazing writers to apply to other roleplays. Your plot and biographies may be amazing but you’re treating Tumblr and the roleplaying community as some retail sales department. Your writers aren’t sales reps. They’re not going to hit POC quotas, orientation quotas, or disabled characters quotas. All we as admins/mods can do is encourage and educate. I do that by running an RPH specifically for our roleplay that has helpers on how to write different kinds of characters and we have some of the most amazing characters I’ve had the pleasure of writing and read here. If you want to label diversity as “people with dark skin” that’s your prerogative, not ours.

With that being said 30% of 450 is 135. Below you will find a list of all our posted faceclaims here at SABR that aren’t just “those white people ethnicities” of Australian, English, French, Finnish, Welsh, Irish, German, Scottish, Danish, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Manx, Afrikaner, and Dutch (and probably a couple more, but I think you understand). Note: This list doesn’t include any FC that took longer than a minute to research. Also, it’s subject to change but in the nice growing way.

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Annaleisa Brinza || 25 || Nurse At The Cartwright Clinic - West || **Sexuality Up To Player**

[Bio Coming Soon! Don’t feel like waiting? Ask us to write it within 24 hours or apply an original character using this faceclaim.]


FC: Kylie Bunbury
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Garner Murphy || 19 || Graphics Major At USC || **Sexuality Up To Player**

The last thing Archer Murphy wanted was the responsibility of kids. He’d been masterfully climbing the political and literal ranks of the United States Navy since his graduation from high school. He prided himself in being both the oldest and smartest of the three Murphy boys and led by example. To Archer there wasn’t a single thing that could cast a shadow over duty, that was, until the greatest tragedy his family would ever experience occurred. Back home in South Boston on leave for the Christmas holiday, he’d come home to find out that his youngest brother had knocked up a girl from school and that they were both now living with his parents. Deciding to spend the rest of that trip talking to them about responsibility and convincing his brother to take responsibility and enlist to protect the family in the long term he’d finally convinced him on the last day. Allen left to head to the store and get a bottle of wine for his parents before he told them, calling his girlfriend to come out and bring him his wallet which he’d forgotten. She slipped out to witness a speeding car crashing into the driver’s side just as he went through the cross section back into their neighborhood. In a state of shock the eight months pregnant young girl ran to him screaming. Archer peaked out and followed suit immediately. The heat from a small fire that had started was melting some of the icy patches on the road and she slipped. Archer caught her but in that split second his brother’s car exploded, neither of the two realizing that in the watery mixture was fuel. As soon as he was told that she didn’t make it after going into labor, that he’d lost his brother, and that his new nephews- potentially dying in the NICU we orphaned he took a step back and decided that duty didn’t have to just be about your country.

A decade later the two identical twin boys, Garner and Fitch, are happy and healthy. Though their first months were sad for those surrounding them they always had each other and their family- or what was left of it. After they were deemed healthy Asher legally adopted them and went back to work, with a few extra scars- not all of which were physical. Though he’d changed some of his work to be more back office he still stayed motivated and worked hard to provide the boys with a nice life. For a while there was a lot of traveling involved but eventually he landed permanently in Fort Shafter in Honolulu, Hawaii. The boys went to a private military school and were immediately put into sports. While their childhood was very structured and they were set on to specific paths to join the military like Archer, whom they called Dad, life had other plans.

Now graduated from school they decided to go to college on the ‘main land’. Their first year in college was shoddy at best. Neither knew what they wanted and both frequently talked about leaving to enlist but Archer had changed his tune by the end of the last year. He didn’t want to lose his boys- who looked so much like his little brother. Knowing that they’d go through bootcamp and immediately deploy to war he changed his tune and even tried to encourage them to discover things they didn’t know about themselves. It was that support from their father that got Garner to begin designing things on his computer, creating characters he’d like to see in the video games he played. Meanwhile, Fitch started to hang around some people at USC that liked to goof around and throw themed parties. That got him into acting and with his brother’s constant support they’re both happy with their chosen majors.

The twins joined SABR looking to make friends and connections outside of school. With their father back in Hawaii and the rest of their family on the east coast they reluctantly decided to stay in LA for the summer. Though the original intention was to make some friends and possibly find summer internships it’s possible that, though neither of them would admit it, they were looking for love now that their dad wasn’t looking down his nose at their every move.


FC: Finn Harries
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Ondrej Neuvirth || 25 || Left Wing in the NHL for the LA Kings || **Sexuality Up To Player**

It was an unknown fact that before his death, Henrick Neuvirth had fathered a love child from a love affair with a Czech woman, Lenka Novak. They’d gotten pregnant only two years after the birth of his first son, Olaf, and instead of fleeing, Henrick made an effort to actually be there for them and help her. He told his wife Bardette that he was going on business trips, but really he would take long weekends and such to stay with his mistress and their new son. This went on for years, Bardette never finding out about her husband’s second family. On the day of his death, Henrick had actually been on his way to see Lenka when he got into his accident. Henrick had told Ondrej about his brother, Olaf, and his intentions were to one day divorce Bardette and marry Lenka. Entrusting him with the information with hopes that his sons would one day get to know each other, and have a solid brotherly bond. Henrick had left pictures and given him contact information over the years- enough to possibly track down the brother he never had the chance to get to know.

At the age of ten, immediately after his Henrick passed and there was no longer any support for the household, Lenka took extra work and earned enough to keep food on the table and Ondrej in a hockey program after he was out of school in hopes that it would keep him out of trouble. Quickly picking up the sport he moved up to travel leagues and received sponsorships to pay for his gear and travel. Though he never forgot about his brother he focused on finding financial means to help his mother and was one of the youngest players ever let into the KHL. After years of building up experience a scout found him and he was signed with NHL to play for the Washington Capitols. Finally capable of affording the luxury of worry-free life for his mother he set to find his brother and for the first time, that odds are in seemed in his favor because Olaf was in New York City. After one season with the Caps and the NHL on lockout he spent his time playing pickup with teammates, looking for his brother, and hitting the gym.

When the lockout ended he’d missed his opportunity to really shine and the Capitols decided to look into a trade or deal as they were in top-notch shape with their roster without him. This sent him out to California where the teams that needed him the most could fight over him. At first it looked like he’d be heading to the least of the three, the Ducks, but as luck would have it he landed a contract with the Kings. LA offered both the confidence and training he needed and he fits in perfectly with this team. He’s one of the most loved and feared players in the NHL, despite a slightly more lean physique, and he has more heart than most. Now that he’s settled in LA his teammates encouraged him to join this social network and he’s gone ahead with it. While his mother, whom he flies out to visit often, hopes this will help him find a serious relationship he’s just hoping to make some friends in the place he calls home. As for his brother, they still never found each other, but maybe with his new-found celebrity that will change.



FC: Nico Tortorella
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Nicholas Simmons || 27 || Molecular Biochemist|| **Sexuality Up To Player**

Nicholas Simmons or better known as Nick by family and friends, was the second and youngest addition to the Simmons family. Born to a upper middle-class family meant that Nick had a silver spoon in his mouth since birth. Only two years younger than his elder brother, Nate, it seemed that they were both destined to be a pair of brothers similar in nature. Oh how wrong were their parents. Whilst his brother was the social butterfly, loud and cheerful as always, Nick was the polar opposite. He was quiet, much more observant and grounded than Nate. Whilst Nate is the colorful picture taken on a bright summer’s day, Nick was his photo negative. Although he was not necessarily negative and cynical, Nick only spoke when necessary, rarely jokes with anyone, except for his loved ones, nor did he have many friends whilst growing up. Most of his friends were from Nate’s social circle and that continued to adulthood.

At a very young age, Nick showed signs of brilliance in the subjects of science and mathematics just like his brother. He was tested, interviewed extensively and it was finally determined that Nick possessed an extremely high IQ. His interest and excellence in chemistry and mathematics meant he skipped several grades in school, just like Nate did. Nick entered University College London at the age of sixteen, graduating at the young age of twenty-four with a PhD in Molecular Biological Chemistry.

Attending the same school as his elder brother meant Nick was Nate’s shadow. The famous tagline for the Simmons brothers was, “Nate speaks enough for both of them.” They were famous in their university by not only being brilliant in their respective fields but also amongst peers. Nick slowly began to expand his social circle, having friends of his own separate from the ones he has mutually with Nate. He dated but those were few and far in between. Despite growing to be his own person, Nick still found himself close to his brother.

Nick never realized how much he had depended on Nate until his brother faced his own marital problems and suffered the loss of his son. All of a sudden, his brother – the solid pillar of strength in Nick’s life – was crumbling down into something lesser of what Nick had always known him for. This was the turning point for Nick for he was suddenly left alone to deal with a world that seemed almost too slow for him.

The huge change in Nate’s demeanor and life reflected in Nick as well. Both brothers grew apart during Nate’s divorce saga, with Nick choosing to concentrate on his work in a pharmaceutics company instead of involving himself with the family drama. His detachment caused strains in the family and was worsened when his brother moved to LA. While he understood why Nate moved and cutting off all contacts back in London, it also made Nick bitter. For all his life, Nate was a constant and his best friend despite recent events. So to have that taken away from him, Nick felt that there was a gaping hole in his life.

Moving to LA was a decision that surprised all of his loved ones. Always known to be one who doesn’t venture out of his comfort zone, the exact catalyst for Nick migrating across the Atlantic Ocean is unclear. Having said that, Nick figured that he’d do much better in an environment that wasn’t stifling and constricting. And with his elder brother settling well in the American city, Nick decided it was also an opportunity to patch things up between them. He got a good position at Darcy Corporation through contacts and recommendation from his previous employer. As a Biological Chemist, specializing in drug discovery, Nick takes his research and work very seriously.

Joining the site was Nate’s idea for Nick to open up and have a wider social circle in LA. Even though reluctant, Nick decided to go for it in order to appease his brother and also in hopes to have more friends, being less dependent on Nate in the long run.


FC: Hayden Christensen
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