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Gillian Fairchild || 26 || PR For CoverGirl || **Sexuality Up To Player**

Gillian grew up as the princess of her family, doing no wrong, and in turn was rich and spoiled. This privilege was due to the fact that her father was treasurer of California, and extremely influential. In contrast to what her father did, her mother became known as one of the best party hosts in California. Between her parents, they would constantly have people over to their house for parties. It was due to all of these gatherings that Gillian looked up to her mother, wanting to be able to run and organize something that could in turn influence people. 

When it came to Gillian’s education it became evident that she was extremely intelligent, however, she was too afraid to show it at school. Being a nerd was never how Gillian wanted to be labeled. Instead, she would purposely appear less intelligent to her peers, and used her looks so that she could become one of the most popular girls in school. Becoming one of the most popular girls in school never seemed to be enough so she set her sights on a new goal, and ended up becoming head cheerleader. It was because of her influence being one of the most popular girls at school, and also her status as a head cheerleader which attributed to developing her taste for leadership. 

With her good grades, and great test scores due to her hidden intelligence, Gillian got accepted to Stanford. Upon her arrival to Stanford she was asked to join the Chi Omega Sorority. On one of the sorority’s date night parties she met a handsome boy in their brother fraternity. The two of them hit it off well, and ended up dating for three years. He had made her the promise of marriage for when they graduated. The promise made was not followed through because after he graduated he moved to a different part of California, and decided that he was not at all interested in a long distance relationship and ended their relationship. 

After her college years she remained angry with men for a while, putting the blame of her college boyfriend on all of them. The influence of her past didn’t end there, but also made it hard for her to let people in and show her true personality. Instead of worrying about men, she decided to focus on herself. It wasn’t long after that she got a job in PR and advertising with CoverGirl. Success in her new job had come to her so quickly because of her ability to be pushy, and strong while utilizing the traits that she had admired in her mother, as well as the leadership she had exercised during her teenage years. While her love life may have been lacking, her career success had helped her keep her confidence, and allowed her to keep control over something while influencing all sorts of people in her own way.


FC: Jamie Chung
Taken By: OPEN

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Please welcome our littlest addition!

Sutton Woods (widowed-woods) has had her son! Feel free to send her gifts at CC West, her home, etc.

Feel free to talk to Charlie about writing up a drabble, head canon, para/self para of your visit to Sutton or to ask about details on the birth. Don’t forget to use the tag: SABRolivercaine

Please welcome our littlest addition!

Sutton Woods (widowed-woods) has had her son! Feel free to send her gifts at CC West, her home, etc.

Feel free to talk to Charlie about writing up a drabble, head canon, para/self para of your visit to Sutton or to ask about details on the birth. Don’t forget to use the tag: SABRolivercaine

Paisleigh Shaw || 26 || Personal Assistant To Jean Baptiste de Lully || **Sexuality Up To Player**

Paisleigh grew up in a home where she had it all, every single thing she could ever want or need was handed to her except the love and care of her own parents. Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, she is the youngest daughter to a pair of diplomats who seemed to be married to their careers. Forgetting not only each other and why they fell in love in the first place,  80% of the time they also seemed to forget they had children waiting for them at home. More often than not, little Paisleigh would spend her nights wishing someone told her bed time stories or that “tomorrow” would actually come and that they would take her out to the park every afternoon.

Despite how lonesome and disappointing things could be for the Shaw girls, none of this stopped Paisleigh from being adorable and loving to anyone that approached her. Undoubtably, she was never truly alone. Paisleigh is very close with her sister Lorayna. However, with a two year age gap between them, for a time they felt they were into entirely different things. Games, television shows, and friends they made at the park were never the same and Lorayna would always tease Paisleigh being ‘too young to understand’ what she liked. Lacking the love of her parents, and often times her own sibling, didn’t stop her from trying to find it in the hearts if the servants she was surrounded by, one specially, Samara Davies, an old woman who devoted all her life to educate Paisleigh’s mother and now her daughters. 

Thinking that if she became the perfect lady her parents would notice her, she buried herself into her studies. Schooling came easy to Paisleigh because she was so completely devoted to doing well so that her parents could be proud of her. The tutors taught her English, Spanish, French, Latin, and Greek. She dared to excel in music, literature and maths. Her tutors were baffled at how fast she blew through her studies but her parents never seemed to take a little bit of interest other than the usual “congratulations”. With no one but Samara and Lorayna attending her spelling bees, musical performances, or science fair presentations, Paisleigh felt a bit defeated. Still, holding to form her parents sent her many gifts until she graduated from school, two years in advance- much to Lorayna’s annoyance.

The girl grew up to be a beautiful, patient, and quiet woman with an exceptional kindness to people because she doesn’t want anyone to feel as lost as she did. Taking the first great risk of her life, inspired by the many books she had read through her childhood, Paisleigh decided to abandon Canada and embark on an adventure around America. Packing her things and swearing to Samara she would keep in touch, she decided to go find the love she so lack through her upbringing. There were many mixed emotions leading up to her departure. The knowledge that Samara wasn’t getting any younger, the snide look on her parents faces when she’d told them she wasn’t just leaving them but the country they were so proud of, and the hurt on Lorayna’s face. The sisters were finally close, despite being two very different people, but Lorayna had chosen to follow what her parents expected and was going to a prestigious university for political science.

Fate took Paisleigh many places along the United States’ west coast: Seattle, San Francisco, Sacramento and finally Los Angeles. Her many skills proved useful and she always managed to find jobs perfect for maintaining the comfortable lifestyle she was raise to appreciate. The most recent one, being the personal assistant of a curious, shy, and strange man named Jean Baptiste de Lully. The man was extremely kind to her and in her holiday trips back home she’d frequently gush over LA and the job. He was someone she’d grown to care for a lot which, from time to time, reminded her of the little scared girl she used to be. However, she didn’t have to be alone too much longer because as soon as Lorayna graduated she joined her sister, even getting a job with her at Lully de Loire Vineyard.

One day, fixing his usual “artistic mess” he’d leave behind on his desk, Paisleigh glanced at his laptop that was sitting open. Completely innocent she couldn’t help but notice that he’d had a website open that was specifically for Los Angelians, inviting them to meet people and socialize. Immediately, she saw on it the perfect chance to finally get what she lacked all her life: love. Having been in the city for some time, she’d been too engrossed with her job to have gotten out too much and with her sister here she definitely wanted to branch out, and wanted that for Lorayna as well. In her mind she’d mused over the possibilities of meeting someone special and finally being appreciated. She’s the perfect lady (i.e. good conversationalist, linguist, scholar, dancer, musician, etc.) and hopes that that will be enough to make her condition unnoticeable to the people around her.


FC: Alicia Vikander
Taken By: OPEN

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ALLEGIANCE:- death eater (voldemort): blood purity, legalization of all magic, lax justice system, elite and equal wizarding education, registration of non-wizard magical creatures- order of the phoenix (harry potter): equality, heavy monitoring of magic use, segregated schooling (by personality/blood status), liberation of non-wizard magical creatures (not necessarily given rights)- NO NEUTRALS
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Don’t Forget To Submit Your Preferences:

  • Send main a message from each character you write separately with:
  • ALL FOUR HOUSES in order of most preferred to least preferred:
    Gryffindor: brave at heart, daring, confident, chivalrous, bold
    Hufflepuff: just, loyal, patient, unafraid of toil, hard-working
    Ravenclaw: wise, inventive, quick thinking, scholarly, clever
    Slytherin: cunning, unyielding, resourceful, ambitious
    death eater (voldemort): blood purity, legalization of all magic, lax justice system, elite and equal wizarding education, registration of non-wizard magical creatures
    order of the phoenix (harry potter): equality, heavy monitoring of magic use, segregated schooling (by personality/blood status), liberation of non-wizard magical creatures (not necessarily given rights)
  • Teams are first come first serve and some are already filled
  • I will not be putting the same writer’s characters on the same team
  • If you need a hiatus your character will be killed off in AU Week. Additionally, if on hiatus, you can not return mid-AU Week.
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Keila Maahs || 27 || Art Exhibit Set Up at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art || Straight

Keila Maahs was born in Kirkuk, Iraq, the youngest of the Maahs family. Growing up in a religious family, Keila and her brother, Amnon who was three years older than her, would spend many days learning about their faith, Yazidi. Following their religious practice, Keila lived a sheltered life compared to those in western civilization or those who followed the Islamic faith. Many frowned upon their religion in fear that they were Satan worshipers. Not taking the time to fully understand their faith and their connection to other religions that were worshiped around the world. That they believed their god to be the son of Adam, Shahîd ibn Jayâr. Her father being the chief sheikh for their small community meant that their family upheld a certain obligation to those around them. Keila spend most of her time with her mother and brother until he reached a certain age and wished to learn under their father to be a chief one day.  Her mother would take extra care in raising her by encouraging her to concentrate on her studies that were provided to her with the prospect of going to university; however, she would have remind her daughter of their place in the household and out in society. Keila was withdrawn from her peers and found she veered more towards reading and developed a love for history; though, kept more of a secret. She was different and the more she interacted with others, the more apparent it became.

Their ranged of sixty homes that were made of clay, stone or raw brick. There were prayers in the morning. Wednesday their holy day, along with their new year being the first Wednesday of April. Women didn’t have to cover their face but wore pants and a skirt, with a long sleeved shirt and would have their head covered. Most woman in the community were able to do the same as men, but the men held a higher standing. If a woman was from an ancestry of chiefs, she may learn to be one one day. Yazidi’s are firm believers in endogamy. Keila’s marriage was predetermined at a young age and when she reached her fifteenth year, which was consider older than most women that were married, she was wed to a man who’s family was favored by her father. Keila held resentment for this marriage. It was an act she never wished to partake in. Masum was a good man, more than she could have asked for, but he had his moments. She was bound to his rules which were the law in their home. Through may failed attempts to have children, Masum grew frustrated with her and declared that she was cursed. Many spiritual rituals were performed in hopes to cure her, but they all failed. It was agreed upon that they would go their separate ways, which was accepted by the chief, in hopes that Masum could have a heir to his linage. 

A year after her failed marriage and no suitors that wished to marry her, Keila, at the age of twenty, made a decision to leave her community and follow her dreams. It caused an outcry within their community, but there was nothing that could change her mind. What use was she if she couldn’t bare a child? Her father blamed her mother for giving her false hopes at a young age and himself for letting her be more educated than others. Educating children could lead them to covert to Islam and most didn’t learn more after primary school. She tried to convince her dad that this wasn’t going to happen. Exile and death was the worse form of shame that could be besotted on any person in the Yazibi religion and the chief was doing it to his own daughter. She was exiled. This left her mother in tears. Keila kept telling her mother that this wasn’t her fault. This was when she learned about her Aunt in Baghdad, and how Keila reminded her mother of her sister. She to left the community to follow her passion. She was given contact information and what little money her mom had, leaving her family behind. Her brother begged her to reconsider and stay. That the family should stand strong together. The damage was done and Keila couldn’t stay any longer. She felt like she no longer had a place there. 

She was taught to grow up to be a strong confident woman. She helped those her whole life and in return was given nothing but inner turmoil about the type of person she should be. The trip to the bigger city had her on edge and there were times she doubted herself, however, there was no going home. Aunt Alya welcomed her with open arms and over the next several months helped the young girl adjust to a new living standard. She kept to herself, not wanting to attract any attention and would mostly leave the house with her Aunt until she was comfortable enough to do things herself. Her Aunt never married because of their religion and marrying outside of their faith was frowned upon. The concept of being along never phased her and the looks and rumors that follows Alya were only words. This was the person Keila wanted to be like. She didn’t want to have to rely on someone to take care of her or follow their rules. She wanted to be her own person. Break the mold.

Keila never forgot her faith but she wasn’t one to vocal it when out in public; as she was warned by her Aunt. Her Aunt Alya was a teacher at the Al Mustansiriya University. It was in her Aunt’s eyes that she saw herself. Lacking the education needed to apply for university, her Aunt helped her find schools for her to attend to finish what she would need. She soaked in everything like a sponge, only wanting to learn more. It took a couple years until she was able to fill out her university application, but it was one of the best feelings in the world, as well as the acceptance letter that followed soon after. 

There weren’t any universities that focused solely on world history, however, the one her Aunt taught at had a program that focused on the history of Art. More specifically century artists throughout history. A whole new passion came to life. Each new class opened her eyes to a new understanding of art and the appreciation of the work that was left for them to enjoy. She thrived to learn more and four years passed within what seemed like a blink of an eye.

There were times when it was difficult to be at school with bomb threats and possible kidnappings, but that didn’t stop her drive to succeed. It seemed to only push her forward. It also helped having her Aunts support. When times got rough she was the shoulder she needed to lean on. After graduation she found a job working at The Iraq Museum in the customer service department. It wasn’t something big, or what she was trained to do, but it was her way in.

A year later, eating breakfast the most devastating news reached her through the television; the ISIS were invading communities close to home. Panic seared deep into her bones and she had no choice but to go home and try to save her family. The outcries of the younger men population being killed. Children being sold off and trying to convert them to Islam. Elders being left with nothing and the women being sold to soldiers. Going against her Aunt’s pleads she found her way back home, a place she thought she would never see. There was chaos everywhere. Families packing what they could and trying to leave. The elders trying to assess the situation and make it into something positive, but it was hard to ignore the fear that pulsed through everyone’s veins; she could feel it in hers. 

It was if her family had seen a ghost when she showed up at their door step. Tears streaming down her mother’s face, embraced in a hug when she whispered frantically telling her that she shouldn’t have come home. She should have stayed where it was safe. Keila was already prepared for her father’s wrath and when he saw fear in his eyes, it broke her. The yelling started and she was met with a smack across the face. It took a second for the shock to settle in and the heat to radiate from her cheek. He cursed and left, telling her to leave. She couldn’t leave them behind. She begged her mother to gather what they could and come back to her Aunt’s home. That they could convince her father and brother, who was married with two young boys, to go with them. The girl knew her father would never leave, but it would be wrong if she didn’t try. That was when gunfire echoed out the windows and cries were heard among the people; they were being invaded. 

Everything was a blur. Keila pushed her mother further into the house, trying to find a place to hide them both. More gunfire was heard and the door was broken down. Men came searching in the home, shouting commands that made chills surge down her spine. Was this to be her death? Hands grabbed at her and pried her away from her mother. She pleaded with them to not do this. That they had done nothing wrong. Though her words went unheard. They were divided into groups. The elders were left with nothing. The children and women were captured and taken away and the younger men were left to death. Her brother was killed. Her parents left with only the knowledge of what had happen to their family. Keila, she was facing something far more worse than death. 

It was days before they reached a camp. Physically abused and asked repeatedly to deny their faith and convert. The children were easily swayed and better for that because they were too young to understand what was going on. The women were divided into two groups, married and not. The ones that were not married were shipped off to another camp. They were going to be sold. Rumors being told that the militants can use these women as they please as they were non-Muslims. It started that night when soldiers of the IS would visit and try to force themselves on them, telling them it would be easier to covert. Imagine a better life they would lead. Keila, and the others, refused, and she managed to fight some of them off, but was left with bruises and cuts. 

She was sold to a brothel. That was her new fate. Everything that she had worked for over the last seven years was for nothing now. If there was one word to describe Keila, she was a fighter, and she would find a way out of it; somehow. A group of five of them were being transported when they were met with US army force. The vehicle was searched and they were found. Taken to a safe location, all of them were questioned about knowing anything more. Keila gave them as much information as she could. She tried to give details about her what her sister-in-law looked like and their two boys, but she had only met them when she was being transported the first time. 

Keila returned back to Kirkuk to try to find her parents, but their community was demolished and everyone was gone. Searching through what was left of her families home, she found a few keepsakes; two candle holders and a family portrait from when she was a child. She had lost her family. The only other place for her to go was back to her Aunt’s. It was hard to be there with the constant worry of looking over her shoulder to make sure no one was going to kidnap her again. Nightmares plagued her. Iraq wasn’t safe for her anymore. After a lengthy conversation with her Aunt Alya, they came to the conclusion that it was best if she left. Where would she go?

The United States was her choice. They were the ones who rescued her. She researched different cities and found that LA would best suit her with her undergraduate in history. At the same time she looked into refuge status, being the only way she would be able to live there. Within a week after reaching out to non-profit organizations that helped her secure a small apartment and with a company that would help her look for a job once her application was being processed. All that was left was buying her one way ticket. 

A month later and settled in to her new home, a lot had changed and she was slowly adjusting to western civilization, including their attire. She would find herself dressing in traditional wear out of habit. It was hard to break free from decades of drilled faith into her head. A way of life she was no longer wanting to follow. Religion would always be a touchy subject to her, yet, she refused to let it define her. She was free. And it was a wonderful feeling. Kelia would mourn her family the way she saw fit. On a bookcase the picture of them surrounded by the two candlestick holders where she would light candles to burn every Wednesday. They deserved to be remembered. One could change their future but their past would always remain their past.

With her refuge status under review and the main interview portion over, they granted her a six month working visa until the process was finished. Keila took all her university transcripts to the employment organization to help find her a job that she would excel at. The selection was few due to the credits that could be transferable, and with the recommendation down the road to take a few courses to help strengthen her undergraduate once a citizen, she found a job working at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Though her English was not perfect, they thought she would be a wonderful addition to their family. Keila was a keen learning and eager, traits they wanted in employees. 

Alone in a new country, it had it’s struggling moments but she wouldn’t give up. The nightmares no longer existed and she wasn’t looking over her shoulder in fear. A co-worker mentioned a site for her to join to make new friends. That it could be easier to start online before moving to meet in person. A friend would be nice. Anything more was hard for her to grasp since the only person she has ever been with was her ex-husband from almost ten years ago. More so doing with her inability to have children, Keila saw herself unfit to be with anyone. A defect that deserved to be alone; and she accepted this concept. It was time to start a new chapter in her life. 


FC: Gal Gadot
Taken By: Kandis

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Ain’t no rest for the Wicked ( 1hr 25min )
You’re So Dark - Arctic Monkeys
Take Me To Church - Hozier
Ain’t No Grave - Johnny Cash
Blood On My Name - The Wright Brothers
Barton Hollow - The Civil Wars
Crown On The Ground - Sleigh Bells
Lose Your Soul - Dead Man’s Bones
Old Number 7 - The Devil Makes Three
Raise Hell - Brandi Carlile
World On Fire - Les Friction
Battle Cry  - Imagine Dragons
Dangerous Animals - Arctic Monkeys
Bones - Ms Mr
Icarus  -Bastille
Wicked World - Laura Jansen
God And Satan - Biffy Clyro
Demons - Sleigh Bells
Rumble And Sway - Jamie N Commons
Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked - Cage The Elephant
Bloodbuzz Ohio  - The National
Broken Crown - Mumford & Sons
Violin Orchestra - Extended Jorge Quintero
Black Chandelier - Biffy Clyro
Fire Ant - Alex Winston

credit to: lupercaliaaa:

Ain’t no rest for the Wicked ( 1hr 25min )

  1. You’re So Dark - Arctic Monkeys
  2. Take Me To Church - Hozier
  3. Ain’t No Grave - Johnny Cash
  4. Blood On My Name - The Wright Brothers
  5. Barton Hollow - The Civil Wars
  6. Crown On The Ground - Sleigh Bells
  7. Lose Your Soul - Dead Man’s Bones
  8. Old Number 7 - The Devil Makes Three
  9. Raise Hell - Brandi Carlile
  10. World On Fire - Les Friction
  11. Battle Cry  - Imagine Dragons
  12. Dangerous Animals - Arctic Monkeys
  13. Bones - Ms Mr
  14. Icarus  -Bastille
  15. Wicked World - Laura Jansen
  16. God And Satan - Biffy Clyro
  17. Demons - Sleigh Bells
  18. Rumble And Sway - Jamie N Commons
  19. Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked - Cage The Elephant
  20. Bloodbuzz Ohio  - The National
  21. Broken Crown - Mumford & Sons
  22. Violin Orchestra - Extended Jorge Quintero
  23. Black Chandelier - Biffy Clyro
  24. Fire Ant - Alex Winston

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Attention All Members:

Come celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day
Where: O’Quigley’sWhen: Saturday, September 19th at 6pm to 2am
Who Can Go:
21+ Only
Event Details:
A beer on the house if you order like a pirate
Best pirate costume contest
Pirates of the Caribbean marathon

Feel free to begin posting about your characters at this event. The tag will be: SABRpirate
Needed Characters:
Arwen Galbraith - Part Time Bartender - OPEN- Negotiable FC: Bonnie Wright
Colin O’Quigley - Owner & Manager - OPEN - Negotiable FC: Ryan Reynolds
Hartford Lautenschlager - Bartender - OPEN - Negotiable FC: Andy Samberg
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Attention All Members:

Come celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day

Where: O’Quigley’s
When: Saturday, September 19th at 6pm to 2am

Who Can Go:

  • 21+ Only

Event Details:

  • A beer on the house if you order like a pirate
  • Best pirate costume contest
  • Pirates of the Caribbean marathon

Feel free to begin posting about your characters at this event. The tag will be: SABRpirate

Needed Characters:

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Jarne Rischer || 27 || Entertainment Writer For The Los Angeles Times || **Sexuality Up To Player**

[Bio Coming Soon! Don’t feel like waiting? Ask us to write it within 24 hours or apply as an original character using this faceclaim.]


FC: Paul Van Haver aka Stromae
Taken By: OPEN

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Maisie Belle Dixon || 24 || Voice Actress || **Sexuality Up To Player**

One thing that has always stuck with Maisie from her childhood was that her grandmother told her that if she wanted something she had to take it. Therefore, she was never one to go halfway for anything, not a dream or helping people. Maisie Belle was always one hundred percent, even in terms of supporting people. She spent most of her childhood with her grandmother and took to ‘old lady hobbies’ such as; knitting, baking, proper tea and brunch etiquette, and reading Victorian novels. Seeing as how her parents were so young when they had her and they were trying to make sure that their little baby girl had everything that she needed, Maisie never questioned their absence. They worked a lot of hours and frequent night shifts at retail stores in the heart of Cleveland. Every moment that she did get to spend with her parents, Maisie treasured and stored in a journal. She never took them for granted and to this day she still holds a good relationship with them and they inspire her to work harder toward her own career goals. Still, the most valued person in her life was her grandmother. She always felt like people were the foundations of your character and the way you treated them, the decisions you made were the pillars of the home that would be your life. To this day she remains extremely reliant on their guidance, which they always offer and she is forever grateful.

Being an only child could be lonely at times, but Maisie always had cousins visiting or neighbors coming over. It was the nights when she wasn’t at her grandmother’s, the noise of the city seeping in through her small plain room’s window, that she felt the most alone. She went to the same school as her cousins, so she was never short of friends and most people would call her an extrovert. Always having a smile on her face and introducing herself to new people because she never waned anyone to feel alone or left out was just something Maisie did at school off the bat. Becoming acquainted with people the second she met them led to her schools starting up a ‘welcome spirit team’ and she was the president. Not that she was perfect and didn’t have bad days, all children have their bad days, but Maisie always tried to see the good in everyone and the silver lining of every situation. Eventually the club was so successful that the school gained recognition for being so positive that they asked her to visit Elementary schools. In doing so she found a love of children. For a while she thought that perhaps this meant that she should be a teacher but it wasn’t something she was set on. Most notably, in her trips she learned how easy it was to make them laugh by making different voices.

When she was fifteen, she expressed to her parents that she wanted to try her hand at acting. Despite being outgoing she was particular about it being voice acting and not “regular” acting stage or commercial acting. Maisie loved cartoons just as much as she loved to read long novels, but she couldn’t deny that it was those novels that had put all the accents into her head. Though her parents were reluctant to let her into that world, her grandmother insisted that she would be her agent until she either stopped acting or was simply too in demand for a woman of her age to keep up with. It didn’t take long at all. The duo went to New York for a couple of auditions and in her first trip she booked a show. It wasn’t just booking a part in a show but several voices in a new cartoon that was launching. When that show ended they were immediately picked up again, not even able to start a new search before Nickelodeon was offering a large contract. Maisie has been at the job for years and has even had reoccurring voice roles on a few popular shows such as Fairly Odd Parents, The Legend of Korra, Rugrats, and SpongeBob. When approached about a career in regular acting she has always been reluctant, she enjoys being able to live a ‘normal’ life, but after she finished school it has become something she is seriously considering. 

After being at Nickelodeon for so long she is a very familiar face and a very familiar voice to most of the people between fifteen and thirty. Maisie is very humble though, she loves what she is doing and is thankful that her parents no longer have to work insane shifts and hours to support her. Following her grandma’s advice and she was doing something wonderful and fulfilling with her life, Maisie has chosen to move out to Los Angeles. She’d been torn after her graduation about whether or not she wanted to go to an arts school or dive into her work. The move was a big choice but the next chapter in her journey. Her grandmother is no longer her agent, her parents now live in a nice home near her, and she is set up in a condo in the heart of the city. Maisie’s life, in her mind, is exactly how she imagined and she wouldn’t want to picture it differently. She enjoys doing fundraisers or charity work in her free time to help younger kids learn classic stories or just doing activities that will make them laugh. Though she doesn’t exactly know why she signed up for this social site she is optimistic about making friends and finding people that will help her avoid becoming a workaholic while learning about the new city she’ll be calling home.


FC: Jenn Im
Taken By: OPEN

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Samantha “Sam” Guerra || 24 || Freelance Artist || Straight

If Sam were asked a question about her life she would probably describe herself as regular girl who saw nothing worth mentioning. Sam was born in Amarillo, Texas, the largest city in the Texas Panhandle and fourteenth most populated city in the state. Most would describe her parents as a happy couple that had a loving family with no serious problems. When she was still a young child, the Guerra family moved to Dallas, Texas, one of the largest metropolises in the entire country. In Dallas, any little girl could discover her various talents. Sam always seemed to have an endless list of talents and was deemed to have an artistic soul.

Her first talent was her musicality. In Sam’s junior high school, the school had a band and she joined them as their lead singer. Having met a lot of people with similar interests, she even took some singing lessons but it all ended in high school. This time her curiosity and need for exploring new territories took her to the world of dance and then on to acting. Some might say that Sam was easily bored, but this isn’t a fair assessment of they young woman. Simply put, these hobbies never had the ability to hold her attention for long. This was because they could not define her personality and let express her emotions. Come senior year, everything would change when she discovered her greatest talent, drawing. Sam enjoyed drawing her classmates when lessons were too boring to hold her attention, drawing strangers when waiting for a friend, or even her own parents… before her whole world collapsed.

Just after her senior prom, Sam discovered some documents she had never seen before, too well hidden to be something unimportant. Ever since she has not found the courage to ask her parents one question: Why have they never told her she was an adopted child? It was the only thing that hurt her because, obviously, this new piece of information did not make her suddenly forget about all the good things her parents had done for her.  She never mentioned guilt or disappointment and she never said it was their mistake. However, Sam just could not be brave enough to ask them that question that has bothered her for years now.

It was not an escape, but Sam moved to Los Angeles to try and make it without anyone’s help. Having always had her amazing parents, she wanted to discover what it was like to be independent. A month ago, while exploring the Internet, Sam discovered she might have found her sister in Los Angeles. Deciding to join the social network, Stars and Boulevards, Sam furthered her research and she realized it was a mistake. Still, she stayed, both on the site and in Los Angeles. Now, for fun and to possibly promote her artwork, Sam also plans to keep on exploring her new ideas.

FC: Jurnee Smollett-Bell
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Alana Ellison || 33 || Head Of Graphic Design For The Los Angeles Times || **Sexuality Up To Player**

Alana Ellison was born on a humid summer day in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia and, from the moment she came into the world, she was surrounded by family and people who loved her very much. There was never a moment in her childhood that she was truly alone; even when she was by herself, Alana knew her family would be at her side with nothing more than a phone call. The warmth that radiated from her close-knit group was her most treasured blessing, but she should have known it wouldn’t last forever. Nothing ever did.

Her parents didn’t die in a tragic accident, and both of her grandparents died peacefully and at ripe old ages. Aunts and uncles filtered in and out of her life, but none of them ever defected from the Ellison family or attempted to cause any dissonance – even distant cousins remained close, showing up at every family reunion and spending Christmases in the family’s lake-side lodge. There was nothing wrong, and that was the problem. In a family filled with love and happiness, even the smallest amount of sadness could seem suffocating, but that never bothered Alana – she was always able to bounce back from anything. Wanderlust, on the other hand, was harder to cure.

As soon as Alana graduated high school, she applied and was accepted into the Savannah College of Art and Design. Though her family fully expected her to stay in Atlanta, since SCAD had a branch there, they were surprised when she opted to move to Savannah. At first, Alana felt that her family would be happy for her, but she was proven wrong almost immediately; the Ellison family simply couldn’t understand why one of their own wouldn’t want to stay close to the family who loved them. Alana thought it was only natural for a baby bird to want to break away from the nest, but neither she nor her family could reconcile their thoughts. In the end, she moved to Savannah and began to pursue a degree in Graphic Design and eventually a minor in Interactive Design and Game Development. She wasn’t sure what she was going to do, but Alana simply hoped things would fall into place.

By the time that it was time to go home, Alana felt like a stranger within her own family. The fighting that transpired before Alana set her sights to Savannah had left a rift between the woman and her family – a rift that seemed completely irreparable. After a particularly disappointing Christmas and an even more tense New Year, Alana had enough. With her degrees, her high marks and her disarming smile, she set her sights to the west coast where she was sure she could find some amount of work: Los Angeles.

Within a month, Alana had found an apartment and had started designing webpages here and there for quick cash. Even though she has yet to find a stable job, Alana makes enough money to survive and she’s perfectly happy to stay inside her little bubble while designing web pages. Despite that fact, she did join up with the social network in order to meet new potential clients and maybe a few friends to hang out with. For the woman whose life has become her computer, it only seems natural that she should turn to the internet for the companionship most everyone searches for.


FC: Meghan Markle
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Galilahi Lü || 23 || Makeup Artist At Regálese Salon & Spa || **Sexuality Up To Player**

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FC: Malese Jow
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